Pioneer Electricals

Service Agent - Kirloskar

Kirloskar Electric was the first company in India to manufacture AC Motors way back in 1948. Since then it has manufactured millions of motors for domestic and International Market. The product range in capacity and variety caters to multitude applications. KEC has electric motors for every conceivable application and industry.


AC Motors

The Special motors list includes Roller Table motor, Mud Gun motor, Bell Annealing Furnace motor for steel mill applications. When India faced sanctions on supply for equipment for Nuclear Power Plants, KEC developed special Canned Pump Motors.

DC Motors

The fully equipped and highly quality manufacturing facility backed by a strong force of dedicated and skilled design, marketing and service team with a focus on quality brings in great levels of reliability to the product that is trusted in India and abroad.

Sales & Service

We are the authorised center of Kirloskar, repair, rewind and perform servicing and sales all type of Kirloskar Motors.

  • Low & High Voltage Electric Motors
  • DC, AC and marine electric motors
  • Low voltage AC motors
  • Power Transformers
  • AC Generators
  • High voltage AC induction motors