Pioneer Electricals

Service Agent - Crompton Greaves Limited

The LT Motors division of Crompton Greaves is the largest manufacturer of Low Tension Electric Motors in India offering a range of AC and DC Electric Motors ranging from 0.18kW to 450kW in various standard and customized configurations which meet the exacting demands of the industry.


High Efficiency Aluminium Motors

Crompton Greaves High Efficient Aluminium Motors are World class Electric Motors and available now in India, Aluminium body, light weight, low vibrations, Low noise and superior efficiencies. This range of motors produced by BCG is backed up by unmatched service by Crompton Greaves.

HT Motors

Initial technical know-how for the manufacturing operations came from Brush Electrical Machines Ltd., U.K. Later Crompton Greaves entered into a technical collaboration with Hitachi Ltd. Japan - the world leaders in Induction Electric Motors. The division also has extensive links with prestigious institutions of higher learning and research like IIT Mumbai, IISc Bengaluru, and TCIRD Patiala etc.

Sales & Service

We at Pioneer Electricals repair, rewind and perform servicing and sales all type of Crompton Greaves HT & LT Motors, Transformers & Alternators.

  • Low & High Voltage Electric Motors
  • DC, AC and marine electric motors
  • Low voltage AC motors
  • High voltage AC induction motors
  • Transformers
  • Alternators